L ife has its difficulties... dealing with them is tough. If you're facing sickness, death addictions, etc. ... you may need a way to move forward. After battling cancer twice, Kathy, our founder, found life was better when she hung on to her faith or the faith of others. With a desire to provide hope and encouragement to those suffering, she started this ministry.

Read the stories we've collected of people who've been through storms in life and survived by Hangin' on Faith in Jesus. We believe reading about how others prevailed can give you strength and encouragement to make it through and imagine a better day. Many of our authors are even willing to listen and talk with you if you need that extra personal touch.

We trust you'll find a story that'll encourage you - or maybe for a friend. When you're ready, submit YOUR story! Not only can it help others, you'd be amazed at how writing it can help your own healing process. Stories are a powerful thing.


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